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Zombie is a fiction character which is a dead human but can still walk or eat. The main disadvantage of these creatures is, they are not able to think because only one of their instinct will be working after the death of the person. This instinct is hunger which leads them to seek for fresh meat all the time and be quite aggressive in terms of eating. This lead them to attack people and eat them when they are still alive.

A Movie Concept to Sell More, Zombie

These creatures are not real but they are a very common concept used in many movies in order to increase the amount of the sales. Most of the movies show a different cause for people to turn into these creatures however mainly all of them include a virus which affects the people and activated once they will penetrate into the body system. Of course, some of these viruses do not activate until the person loses his or her life. This means that you can turn into these creatures when you die in case you have the virus in your body or you can turn into them by getting bitten by another creature which will result in the penetration of the virus.

There are some people who make preparations and take measurements for any possible attack in the real life. They even construct great venues in order to hide in there in case of any attack. We are not sure we will see a zombie attack soon but it seems like some people like to exaggerate things.

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