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Yin yang tattoos are one of the other most popular tattoos in the world due to the philosophy it has. There are many rumors about what this symbol represent and most of the are just nothing more than the imagination of few people. This symbol is originated in Asian countries and it represents the goodness and evil in the world. The white represents the goodness and the black represents the evil.

As you can see from the symbol, black and white figures chase each other and both of them have a small point at the middle of them. These points are in different colors which mean that there is the white point in the black figure while there is the black point in the white figure. This means that there is an evil in every goodness and there is also a goodness in every evil. Indian people believe that people are balanced in terms of the goodness and evil. It depends on the person whether to choose the good or evil side however despite their choices and the things they do in order to maintain themselves in the side they chose, they will still have something which belongs to another side in them.

There are other meanings of this symbol on the internet however none of them are true apart from this description. The symbol also is known as ying yang in some sources and both of them considered true expressions however the original one is yin yang and this is why we used a title as yin yang tattoos in our article.

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