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Whatsapp is one of the latest applications which were developed for the smart devices. The founder of the application was living in Ukraine before he decided to move to the United States in where he had some difficulties in terms of the communication with her sick mother. This is why he saw the need for free communication and began to develop the software with one of his friends.

The application was not like this at the beginning however it evolved into today’s form as the days past. Today you can send videos, photos, and other files through the application without the need of paying any fee. In addition to these, the application offered the call service in recent months however the voice quality is not as good as the lines we use today. Still, these calls are completely free in case you will connect to any internet source with your device. The application does not charge you for anything, it is free to download and free to use. All you will need is a stable and active internet connection to perform anything on the application since all of the services of the application uses the internet in order to perform the actions.

The people you can contact via the application is limited with the contacts located on your smart device. It is one of the most innovative software of our current era just because it offers free communication through the internet connection and it seems like Whatsapp may evolve to a much better thing in the close future.

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