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Following the defeat of the Undertaker at the hands of Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 33, the Dead man put his autograph clothing, the lengthy black colored coat, MMA-styled gloves, and hat, right at the centre off the open area circle and also broke off from his makeup as he gave a kiss to Michelle McCool, his wife, ahead of walking up the incline and disappearing from view.
Has the dead man retired?

The ultimate act of the brawl may well have been Phenom’s manner of suggesting his departure from lively wrestling. On the other hand, the WWE cosmos has since been separated on whether this legend has really bid adieu to a memorable career that spanned over a couple of decades.

Throughout an interview taken by “The Ropes” AJ Styles had been asked his feeling on witnessing The Undertaker give up work at the Grandest of the Stages and his reply was, Is he really gone? I am not sure, but you would presuppose.

What AJ Styles has to say about it?

He went to say that he thought that there had been some tears coming from the enthusiasts that probably suggested that they could be seeing the final of this fighter. However, in the eve of he being done AJ Styles paid his respect to the fighter for doing the whole thing his way and also doing what he wished for during his final contest.

AJ Styles went to say that he’s the whole lot to WWE and he expressed his gratitude for getting the chance of meeting him and having a grand tête-à-tête with him. He stated the fighter to be a grand chap, and said that is he’s indeed gone he’s going to be missed.

Styles went to say that he got poignant when he witnessed his pal leave his autograph outfit within the ring.
He stated that he and the fighter have a relationship by the way of having the identical friends that that both of them are very near to.

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