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Download free tree quality PNG transparent images. Tree is a living thing which has one stem and feeds through its “roots”. Depending on their species, it is possible to find many different kinds which can grow up to hundreds of meters or can live up to thousands of years. Some of them may provide fruit and vegetables which can be consumed by the other living creatures such as humans, giraffes, and monkeys. Although most of the fruits of these plants can be eaten, some of them may be poisonous for some animals.

What are the characteristics of trees?

They try to attract the animals with their leaves and fruits in order to reproduce with the things these plants will stick on these animals. In this way, these animals will bring the offspring of these plants to other plants and therefore the mating will be completed. As mankind, we benefit from these plants with various purposes such as the woods we get from these plants can be used for the production of tables, chairs and so on. In addition to these, we use the leaves and woods of these plants in order to produce papers and pens.

They provide great easiness to our lives as we keep utilizing them. Moreover, they have a vital function for the wellbeing of the world since they clear the air when they breathe through their leaves. All of these plants have various types of leaves and the thorns of the cactuses are leaves as well. It is important to protect them if we want to maintain our presence in the world and this is why it will be great to plant one tree in every year.

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