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Trash can odors are one of the worst odors that are stinky and pungent. They have a typical smell that lingers, even after the garbage has been removed. If your trash can is within a confined area, it is not easy to remove the same. Air freshening products cannot remove the smell of garbage.

The deadliest smell of all, How to get rid of the trash can smell

Trash cans may sometimes have some of the deadliest smells. They are stubborn as well. There are some smells that just do not want to go. However, stubborn smells of trash cans can be easily removed with some of the most easily available things that are found right in your kitchen. Did you know what they are? There are various ways in which the smell of the trash can be removed from your kitchen easily. Some of the most important ingredients that can help remove trash can smell are charcoal, Baking soda, lemon peels and vanilla essence, tea, coffee and pandan leaf. These are all ingredients that have a soothing aroma and can remove all smells from the kitchen.

How to apply them

All these ingredients may be used in powder form as well as in raw or liquid form. Lemon smells are found in the rinds of lemon or also in phenyls that are aromatic and hygienic as well. You can also keep tea and coffee in bottles and spray them whenever required. Mint extract and vanilla extract are also found in spray forms in bottles and can be used to remove bad odor from the kitchen. These are miracle ingredients that can remove any trashcan odor from your home.

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