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Transformers are a series of American Science fiction film that is based on a group of robotic toys, which are created, by Tommy and Hasbro. There are various Transformer series that have been made till now like the revenge of the Fallen, Age of extinction and Dark of the moon.

The feedback received for Transformers

The transformer series has received a number of mixed reviews and critics have also expressed criticism on the plots as well. Humor, Visual effects, action sequences, and music have been given special appreciation. Paramount pictures and Dream Works have distributed the series. Transformers is the first movie in the series that was released on July 3, 2007.It made a huge amount of $709.7 million worldwide and also gave way to mixed and positive reviews.

The different transformer models

The different kind of transformers was characterized as Bumble bee, Optimus Prime, Ultramagnus and they belonged to a team called the Autobot. Their main focus was to destroy the people who wanted to destroy the world. These transformers can transform themselves into anything possible. They can fly; they can run like the air and can also do miracles.

The plot of the movie

Thousands of years ago, a civil war by two-transformer factions- the Autobots, and the Decepticons damaged the planet Cybertron. Megatron is the main antagonist who is bent upon destroying the world and the transformers are trying to save the world by fighting with their opponent parties. The transformers were one of the best shows, which were generated by computer generated imagery and background elements in action sequences. There were various numerous simulations were programmed into the robots and the animators could focus on animation of the particular area that was needed for great performance.

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