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Unlike the common belief, the tomato is a fruit which belongs to Solanaceae family with flowers that look like a bunch and it has wooly leaves. It is originated in Central and South America. It has a stem which is quite light and woody which the plant can grow up to 1 to 3 meters. Leaf length of this fruit is about 10 to 25 cm where there are 5 to 9 leaflets on the leaves.

As we mentioned before, its leaves are wooly. The flowers of the plant are usually 1 to 2 cm in length and yellow. It is possible to find 3 to 12 fruits on each stem. It is usually red in color and the eatable fruit is 1-2 cm in diameter in wild plants however the one which is grown by farmers have larger fruits. It is a fruit which is rich in terms of the vitamins and it is commonly used as an ingredient in cooking. It has about 150 different kinds and can be consumed raw or being included in the meals. In addition to these, it is possible to squeeze its water during the summer season in order to prepare a paste, in this way it will be possible to use this fruit in meals during the winter season.

Besides the characteristics of this fruit, we would like to talk some about its benefits on human health. It protects the skin and delays the aging. It has an effect which can lower the cholesterol while it expands the vessel walls by reducing the tendency to bleed. It is quite useful for elderly people since it delays the cataracts formation which is due to aging. Moreover, tomato prevents vision problems which are age-related.

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