Tiger PNG Images – The Deadly Asian Cat

Download free Tiger HD PNG images. Tiger is an animal which is relatives with the jaguars, lions and even the cats we feed at our homes as our pets however they are quite different than rest of the cats in many aspects. First of all, it will be worth to mention that, these animals are the biggest cats in the world and they have two different species which one of them lives in the forest while the other one prefers to live in snowy areas.

Why Tiger Hates Water?

They like to hunt and like the rest of the cats, they like to lay an ambush in order to catch their prey. We all know that all of the cats hate water due to a reason which we can’t understand. Maybe water disturbs their personal odor which has quite a lot importance in their world, however, these animals are different with their nature. They like to locate and swim in ponds that they can find in the forests. Most of these forests are hotter than most parts of the world and it seems like these giant cats found a way to cool down during these hot days. They live alone and mother cats breastfeed and teach their cubs how to hunt.

Once they are done, the mother will leave them alone and each of the siblings will choose their own way where they will be alone apart from the mating season. If you have ever seen a tiger in any zoo then you can easily understand their magnificence when compared to other cats.

Download HD Tiger Transparent PNG Images

Types of tiger

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Siberian Tiger
  • Sumatran Tiger
  • Malayan Tiger
  • Indochinese Tiger
  • South China Tiger
  • Balinese Tiger
  • Caspian Tiger

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