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Download transparent superman free PNG Images. Superman is one of the first superheroes in the United States and all around the world. He is probably, older than most of us and in this article, we are going to share some facts about him starting from the first days of his creation. Did you know that the design was sold for only 130 dollars at that time? Of course, 130 dollars corresponds to a lot more in today’s conditions when we compare the time difference, however, the character is worth more than billion dollars to this day.

In addition to these, he once caused his girlfriend to be black women for a day accidentally. He is known for his amazing speed both in land and air as well as he can shoot things with the red laser coming out of his eyes. Although he is one of the most recognized characters, he was not able to fly for a very long time until he discoered his abilities. He can lift anything easily thanks to his supernatural powers. In the event that you have followed his comics, you probably already saw it, but for those who didn’t let us provide you an interesting fact.

He once fought with Mohammed Ali in the ring however he lost the fight! He worked as a porn star for a period of time as well and also he changed his sexual preferences too and become gay too. Superhero Superman had undergone many changes during his career but he always managed to be popular.

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