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Starfish is an animal which has thorns on its skin that lives on the rocks under the sea with its five arms which lead them to look like a star. It’s name derived from its look. Just like in all Echinodermata species, the body of these animals are five-fold faceted. In this article, we would like to provide you some information and facts about these animals which we believe that you did not know.

Details About Starfish

For instance, these animals do not have any brains at all. As we mentioned before, these animals have five arms and they are quite dangerous since they have very small absorbent feet that are strong enough to distinguish the skin of mussels, oysters, and other animals when they are activated by the animal. Each of these arms owns these feet. The animals have very different types which are more than 1600 different types. In case they will take a bite from their prey, however, the bite is not small enough for them to swallow, they bring their stomach out and cover their prey with it in order to digest them outside of their body.

They will pull their stomach back to their body when the digestion will be completed. Most of the people love these animals and it is possible to find their sticker on the fridges or the notebooks of school children. In case you will see one of them in the sea, it will be logical to not get closer to that starfish since some of them are poisonous.

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