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Spider-Man is one of the fictional characters which was developed as a comic book by Marvel in the United States. The series attracted interest and become one of the comics which sold most in the United States. Then the designers decided to film a movie where the adventures of this super hero take place. Unlike most of the heroes, this hero is not able to fly. In fact, he was a regular college student when his uncle murdered by someone with a super power.

He was attending his school as well as working for a press company in order to earn some money. One of his teachers at the school was a scientist where he was also helping him from time to time in his research. One day, one of the radioactive spiders fled from its container and bit him which provided some super powers to him such as being able to hold on the walls. In addition to this, he becomes quite powerful which he can even lift trucks and buses easily. He made a costume for himself and decided to find the murderer of his uncle however in the search for the murderer, he had many adventures and had to fight against many evil super heroes in order to protect the innocent people.

He kept working for the press company and began to take his own photos while his costume was on in order to earn more. Superhero Spider Man is one of the unique heroes which become a super hero later on.

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