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Download transparent Social Media free PNG images. Do you remember the times before the social media and internet? We used to play with our friends, meet them in different venues and do some stupid stuff which could make us entertain however today, the world changed with some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. People began to talk more about what they think without thinking twice about them through this platform. Today, we all have a tendency to tell everything about us including our personal life which may lead to devastating harm to us.

These platforms destroyed the privacy and today, people understand their address and phone numbers as the privacy. It is possible to find the Facebook or Twitter account of year old babies which were launched by their parents. It is possible to say that people are being born on these platforms and continue their lives. A person does not need to go out and make friends, they just stay in front of their computer for hours just like they do this all the day, make some clicks with their mouse and start chatting with new people from any part of the world.

As human, we are social animals and these platforms which have the social in front of their name make the people asocial in time. In addition to these, there are many incidents and crimes arise due to the information shared on these platforms. In case you have children or people that you need to take care of, you should be aware of their social media accounts.

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