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Though people say that smoking is Injurious for health, the smoke effect is one of the most beautiful effects that are done in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop can create a good deal of illustration and smoke effect is one of them.

An assortment of illustrations

Adobe Photoshop will help to create an assortment of illustrations. This is a fantastic tool where you can make a number of different designs and presentations as well. Smoke effects are one of the most amazing effects, creating on Photoshop by showcasing the best tutorials as well.

How can you create smoke effect in 30 seconds?

The Smoke effect is very easy to create. Read on to know how to create a subtle smoke like effect Open an image and create a new layer on the image. Now select the polygonal Lasso tool and create any kind of abstract shape that looks good and smoky. Fill it with the color that you would like your smoke to be. Go to filter and distort to create the wavy smoke like effect and set the values as given. After using the wave filter, you can go to edit, fade and then wave and set the opacity to around 50% when you see a dialogue box popping up. Repeat this distorts and fade method for a few times to achieve the best results. You can now use the smudge tool to reshape the smoke so that it looks diffused. This is one of the best ways in which you can create a smoke effect in photoshop if you want to create a hazy effect.

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