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Who is slender man? Slender or Slender man is a fictional character that has originated as a creepy pasta internet meme which has been created by Something awful forums in 2009.The Slender man depicts a thin and slender man who is very tall and blank with a featureless face and wears a black suit.

What are the stories about Slenderman?

The stories of Slenderman usually revolve around his common features where he is seen to be stalking, abducting, and terrorizing people among which his main target is a child. He appears in various fictional works and also encompasses media, art and video series and literature works. The Slenderman has also had an impact of children’s minds and thus a game by Minecraft is in the making. In 201 many readers were connected to the violent works of Slenderman that included stabbing a 12-year-old girl in Waukesha.

The origin of slender man

The Slender man was created on 10th June 2009 and the main origin was a Photoshop contest where users were challenged to edit various photographs that looked like paranormal ones. Forum poster Eric Knudsen, under the pseudonym “Victor Surge contributed to the black and white image with a tall and thin figure that was later on known as Slender man and was a great hit among all. Subsequent posters were made on the character and a number of artists added their own visual or textual contributions. Slender man soon went viral and it was evident in the works of creepy pasta scary stories.

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