Skull PNG Images – The Symbol of Death

Download free Skull HD PNG images. Skull is our most “robust” bones in our bodies which protect our brain from external damages however the symbol of this bone had much meaning throughout the history. The most common known meaning of this symbol is death and it is possible to see it in many tales and other legends. In addition to these, it is also the symbol of the pirates who are bandits on oceans and seas.

It is also actively used by the Illuminati organization as well. It is possible to see this symbol as an ornament tool in the fashion industry, especially in kids and women clothing. But only a few people know the real meaning of this symbol. Many people believe that this symbol derived from the pirate flags on the ships, however, the fact is totally different. There are some sub-organizations of the Illuminati which have the same name with this bone. As we mentioned before at the beginning of this article, it is one of the most robust bones in our body and it is located on our heads.

It is almost impossible to break this bone but even a slight crack on this bone may lead to serious problems in our brains which is one of the most important organs for us. This is why you should always try to protect your head from any possible danger by wearing the helmet in case you are riding any motorcycle or other vehicles such as skateboard and roller skate. It is possible to find many photos and tattoos with the skull design on the internet as well.

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