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Sheep is one of the weird animals that can live next to people. They are quite dependent in terms of the shelter and feeding. People have been taking the advantage of these animals for various purposes. The first advantage is the milk and meat. It is possible to get the milk of these animals and produce many other foods by using this milk as the main component. In addition to this, it is possible to consume their meat.

The preparation process of the meat of these animals is carried out by various methods depending on the environment. In addition to these, their stool can be used for many purposes but mainly, farmers benefit these stools as fertilizers in order to let their plants grow. The stool of these animals is quite rich in terms of the minerals required by the plants which enhance the growing process easily.

It is some kind of supplement for the plants and it can make wonders when compared to an application without it. Moreover, we benefit from their hair as well. We take the advantage of the wool of these animals in order to produce various clothes which can keep us warm during the cold periods. They are quite easy to take care of however they are not suitable to feed in apartments or gardens. You need a plenty large field in order to let them feed naturally and exercise regularly. A sheep may look ineffective however they are great supporters for us to maintain our lives.

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