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A Scorpio zodiac sign ranges from the 23rd October to 21st November. It is based on the element of water and has a fixed quality. A Scorpio is known to be assertive, dominating and at the same time passionate when it comes to love and romance. Here are a few traits of the same.

The strength of Scorpio

A Scorpio is known to be brave, stubborn, dominating and passionate. They are known to be very truthful and straightforward and do not like people who are liars and hypocrites. Scorpios are determined and at the same time decisive. Since Scorpio is a water sign, they like to express their emotions. They manifest their emotions in a different kind of way and they know how to keep deep secrets within them without opening up. Some Scorpios can look older than they actually are because they are matured and leaders at what they do. They know how to adapt well with respect to human behaviors as well.

What do Scorpios Dislike?

Though Scorpios are themselves very loyal and truthful, they dislike dishonesty and passive people. Pluto is known to be the planet of transformation and is there ruling sign as well. Scorpios are known to be assertive and fierce in nature become they probably understand what is coming their way. They are really brave and are very social as well and thus, have a lot of friends as well.

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