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The guide to drawing straight lines

A ruler, which is also called a line gauge or a rule, is an instrument, which is used to draw a straight line and measure the lines. This is a very common measuring instrument that is used by artists, mathematicians and people who are involved in technical drawing work.

Where is a ruler used?

The ruler is an instrument, which is used in geometry, technical drawing, printing, artistic drawing and construction and measurements in building plans. They are also used to measure distance and draw straight and accurate lines. A ruler also comprise of calibrated lines to measure distances. Rulers are made from different kinds of materials and are available in a number of sizes. They are made of wood, plastic, steel and iron as well at times. They are molded with length markings instead of being inscribed. The normal sized rulers are 12 inches, whereas; the shorter ones are 6 inches. Some rulers are, also 1 meter long and are used for large projects.

Uses of rulers

Desk rulers are mainly used for three main purposes. They help in measuring; drawing straight lines and also helps in cutting straight sized papers. There are folding rulers as well that can be used for carrying around. In geometry, a ruler without any measurement on it can also be used for drawing straight line between points. A ruler accompanies a compass in geometry. There are various kinds of rulers that you can obtain from stationary shops as well as technical hardware stores for utility purpose.

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