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A rock or a stone is a natural substance which is solid and made up of a variety of minerals they may be of various shapes and sizes and are essential to human civilization. There are different kinds of ricks that are present in our environment

Kinds of rocks

There are three major kinds of rocks, namely the igneous, metamorphic and the sedimentary rocks. The earth’s outer layer that is known as Lithosphere is also made up of a number of rocks.
The study of rocks is known as petrology. Petrology is one of the most essential studies in geology as well. Rocks are made up of grains of minerals and are formed from a chemical compound. They are bonded strongly by chemicals. Rocks are also essential to human use in various ways. They are used for sculpture of art and architecture; they are used to make huge monumental structures and are also used for a variety of reasons

How do humans use rocks?

Humans in a variety of ways use rocks for different purposes. Various rocks are also mined from caves. They were initially used for lighting the fire. Mining of rocks has been since the prehistoric age. Materials recovered from the mines include various expensive and popular rocks, metals and stones, iron, uranium, rock salt, shale, potash, limestone and diamonds as well.
Deforestation. Rocks become smaller in size as they are broken down by the heavy flow of water, harsh sunlight. The use of rocks also has a huge impact on the culture and development of mankind. Nomads and the caveman of the prehistoric age have used them as well.

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