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Rabbits happen to primarily be non-verbal and they also make use of body language as the key means of communicating. On the other hand, they do create an astounding number of sounds/noises. In the section below we are going to discuss what these noises are what they imply.


This is best explained as a modest exhaling of breath and has a sound that bears a bit of resemblance to a grating gate. The rabbit is going to be running about speedily while honking that is synchronized within its leaps. This is a sound that’s most normally generated by males who have not been neutered as an indication of courtship, typically accompanied by looping about your feet or that of a different bunny. Females are also likely to generate this sound while running about and males are likely to keep on honking even following neutering.


This is a sound that bears much resemblance to honking though being typically made at the time bunnies roll on their side out of sheer satisfaction. They also make this noise when they are picked up and squeezed excessively tight about their tummies.


This is a noise that sounds somewhat similar to an automobile getting revved up and a female that has not been sprayed at the time of guarding her territory typically generates it. Over and over again the bunny is going to spring at you by sing her front feet while making the growling sound. This wanes or reduces to a great extent following spaying. Bunnies are also likely to growl on being scared or when in pain.

Some additional noises are grinding of Teeth / purring, loud grinding of teeth, sneezing/ Snorting, Thumping, squealing/ Screaming, and belly rumbling.

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