Printable 2021 Calendar Samples

Download high quality 2021 calendar sample here. Various calendar types have existed and have been used in the world. However, the current calendar type still used at present in 2021 is the Gregorian calendar. This calendar type was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII and was adopted in 1752 by the British and its colonies. The calendar which was a modification of the Roman calendar features 365 days in total and is divided into months and weeks. The calendar has 52 weeks in a year and each of the weeks has 7 days. There are 12 months in a year and each month has 31, 30 or 29 or 28 days.

Events in 2021 Calendar

  • The 2021 calendar is a typical calendar having various events just like any other typical calendar. Below are some of the events and holidays observed generally in the year.
  • New Year’s Day
  • The New Year’s Day is the first day of January. It should be noted that countries like China which do not adopt the Gregorian calendar celebrate New Year’s Day on a different day.
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • This holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of January. In the 2021 calendar, it was celebrated on the 20th day of January. It is a holiday in the United States to mark the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Valentine’s Day
  • This holiday is celebrated on February 14 according to the Gregorian calendar. It is designated to mark the life of St. Valentine and also it is a day of sending romantic gifts or card to loved ones.
  • Presidents’ Day
  • This is an official holiday celebrated in the United States of American on the third Monday in February. It was celebrated on February 17 according to the 2021 Gregorian calendar. It is a day assigned to celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
  • Easter Sunday
  • This is a Christian festival to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the Sunday that follows the full moon, usually on or after March 21. It was celebrated on April 20 in the 2021 Gregorian calendar.
  • Memorial Day
  • This is an important holiday in the United States of America. It is celebrated in remembrance of soldiers who died in war on the last Monday of May. This falls into May 26 in the 2021 Gregorian calendar.
  • Independence Day
  • Independence Day is one of the important holidays in the United States. It is a US national holiday that marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
  • Labor Day
  • This is a US and Canadian public holiday designated to honor workers. It is held on 1st day of September every year.
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • It is a day designated for giving thanks for the harvest received. It was started in 1621 by Pilgrim colonists and celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This fell into Nov 27 in the 2021 calendar.
  • Christmas Day
  • Christmas is celebrated on the 25th day of December every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Eve is celebrated a day before the Christmas day (December 24).

You can download online printable calendar from a lot of websites to have an overview of these holiday and many more others.

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