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The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument that was invented around the 1700’s.here, the hammers strike the strings and the piano is played with the help of the keyboard where there are black and white keys.

The most soothing instrument of all

Where does the word piano come from?

The word piano comes from the shortened form of the Pianoforte. It is played using a keyboard. The Italian music terms of piano include soft and loud respectively. The sound is produced in response to the musician’s touch and pressure on the keys. The greater the velocity of the keys, the greater would be the force of the hammer hitting the strings and the louder would be the sound. An acoustic piano is known to have a protective wooden case that surrounds the soundboard and the metal strings. In the period of 1790- to 1860, the Mozart era piano underwent a sea change that led to the modern instrument.

How is the piano played?

There are various kinds of piano in today’s world. You can choose between manual pianos, electrical pianos and digital pianos. There are different variations in shape, size and design. The previous pianos all have keyboards and pedals; while pianos today are can also be played with two hands in the synthesizer. The modern pianos are made with the best quality strings. A normal piano ranges from four octaves to 10 octaves and more. They are professional pianos that can be played by professional pianists.

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