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The peace symbol will continue to exist as there will be wars in the world and it seems like these wars will never end unless the humanity will disappear on earth. The peace period is called to period which is before and after the war. Peace is something which we need to teach it to our children. It is a term which should be in our minds all the time and never be forgotten. Maybe this is the main reason why people symbolized the peace with different figures throughout the history.

Each of these symbols has been accepted by the most of the people and became an international symbol. The symbol we discuss is the most commonly used symbol which is designed by activist and graphic artist Gerald Holtom. Holtom got inspiration from semaphore which is the communication method with the flag while designing the symbol. The symbol is made up of the first letters of Nuclear Disarmament and their symbols in semaphore communication. This symbol used in 1958 for the first time by the famous thinker and scientist Bertrand Russell in a nuclear disarmament event in Britain.

There are of course other symbols such as olive branch, V sign, peace flag (usually used by LBGT), white poppy, and broken rifle. However, the one we mention which is round is also the symbol of the hippies who know their peaceful thoughts and wishes for the future. This was all we can provide for the peace symbol and we hope you liked the information provided in here.

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