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Do you watch owls flying here and there at night? Are you scared of them? Don’t be because they are not harmful. Know about them in brief.
The owl is a beautiful bird, which is related with the hawks and eagle family. It is a carnivore animal that eats mammals, especially rodents, reptiles, insects and other birds. Owls are mostly seen in the night because they are active in the night to find food. They sleep in the daytime in tree holes.

The different species of owl

There are many species of owls present in the world, counting to almost 200. Every species of owl is different in color and size. The smallest owl is the Elf Owl, which is 4.5 inches tall and the large owl is the Eurasian Eagle Owl, which is 28 inches tall. The owls have special wings that allow them to fly without making a sound.

The owl’s eyes as well as the hearing capacity of ears are best among all the birds. An owl has zygodactyl feet, which intends that when owl perched or sits on a branch, two toe facing forwards and two toes facing backwards. The owls do communicate with one another by a sound as “hoot”.

They live in deserted locations

Owls mostly live in dark and old buildings, barns, and caves, burrows, where no one lives. Some of the owls remain in the same area their entire lives, but some owls travel. Owls have the same partner for a lifetime. Female owls are larger in size than male owls. They are not at all dangerous birds for us. So, don’t feel afraid of owls.

Different meanings:

Do you ever hear owlishly man idiom, it means very careful person.
Owlets : Some kind of bird, zoology term.
Owling : Behaving like an owl.
Owlish : Means earnest

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