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OK is the short version of the English word, okay and it has its own sign to represent the word. The sign of this word may vary from language to language such as in the event that you will perform the sign by showing your palms, this will mean a cursing world in the United Kingdom while it means what it should mean in the United States. According to the recent researches, this sign is one of the most used signs in all around the world and although it has various signs some of the most well-known signs are recognized by the entire world.

People prefer to use this short form rather than typing the word okay. The word also is known as okey as well however this usually takes place in Eastern countries. You can use this word for many purposes just like the phrase thanks you. For instance, you can use it whenever you will receive an order from your boss or someone who is superior to you in terms of the title, in order to confirm that you have understood what is told.

In addition to these, you can use the same word or the symbol when something is full and can’t get anything inside of it. It is also used for telling something is good. Such as you can tell, “the weather is okay today” in order to state that conditions are good enough to do whatever planned. What else can the OK symbol be used in order to state everything is okay?

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