Nyan Cat PNG Images – What is Nyan Cat?

Download transparent Nyan cat free PNG images. Nyan Cat was very popular on the internet for a very short time, however, this period was enough for the most of the world to know her. In fact, she is not a real cat. She is a graphics which is designed in the pixel format and has no any feature apart from leaving rainbow from her back. She has her own website address where you can visit this page and watch her. There is nothing you can do when you visit the website but watching her fly on the screen and leave her mark, the rainbow from her behind.

There is a counter on the website, which counts the time your browser was not closed. It is possible for you to Tweet your score at the end of the process. Moreover, developers managed to commercialize this design in a very successful manner. They sell the stickers and other goods which this cat printed on them. You can visit the store through the website of the cat again and shop whatever you want.

The cat may look very cute at the beginning however since the same music plays in the background all the time and there is no any quality in the production, a person can get bored easily within minutes. However somehow, it seems like people living in Asian countries love this cat and although it is not recognized in the world anymore, citizens of these countries go mad when the Nyan Cat is in question. You can check her and see with your own eyes to understand better.

Download Quality Nyan Cat Transparent PNG Images

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