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Click is one of the sounds which turned to be a word in time in line with the advancement in the technology. Every time we push the button of our mouse, we hear this noise and technology companies were not able to produce any other word for this process but the sound itself. It is quite relaxing sound however it may be quite annoying in case you are in a peaceful environment and there is no sound at all.

In these times, it can disturb your focus easily which will result in not being able to give yourself fully for the thing you are working on. According to some studies conducted in recent years, a regular worker who is working for government bodies performs this action more than billion times during his or her career. Again another study claims that this habit can trigger an evolution in our hands. It is known that your point finger is a lot stranger than a century ago due to we began to use them more often and in the future, this finger or our hands may evolve to something different.

Experts believe that this finger will continue to grow in length and will be able to maintain more muscles. We are not sure about what will happen in the future however we are sure about one thing: we will use this finger a lot more with the same purposes in the following years and probably, the clicked word will become one of the most used words soon.

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