Money PNG Images – Are We Living for Money?

Money is one of the issues which billions of people think about every single day. It is believed that it is not possible to be happy without it and it includes many different currencies. Each of the countries has their own currencies and they do not have the same value which these currencies determine the value of each. Well, what do you think about the relationship of happiness and it?

Today, you need it in order to buy anything which you need apart from the basic feelings and urges but you still need it in order to meet with other people. It is possible for you to live without spending it however in the event that you are living in a modern country then this period will be limited to few days. You need to have some in your wallet in order to go from one destination to another, to buy food, to pay your rent and bills. We work and devote some of our time in order to earn it and it is not possible to save most of them in case we are living in modern cities.

Some of the people always dream of the day which they will retire and move to more rural areas where they will plant their own plants and cultivate their own food. In such circumstances, your dependency on it will reduce significantly however you may still need it in case you will contact with other people. In short, money is the indispensable of our daily lives.

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