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Download transparent lion free PNG clipart images. Lion is one of the great cat breeds which is always live in the groups with other lions. All of the group is always relatives and they are the only cat breed who prefers to live as a group. These cats learned the importance of supporting each other unlike the rest of the cats and they have their own rules in their groups.

For instance, there are only sibling male lions which are controlling the area they live as well as the group itself. In addition to these, they may be under the attack of another group of males which are usually consisting of two to five males. In case the invaders will defeat and kill the males which are in charge, they will kill rest of the babies in order to force the females to mate. When babies grow and considered as mature, the male ones will be kicked from the group by their own father while the female ones can stay with the group and continue their lives.

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However, in some incidents, the females ones also follow the male ones which are kicked from the group in order to create their own group with their own rules. Male ones which are in the control of the group usually don’t hunt however they have the right to eat first when the females catch a prey. They are also known as the animals which create different strategies for each hunt and this feature of the lion groups make them totally different than the rest of the cat breeds.

Types of lions

  • Katanga lion
  • Congo Lion
  • Transvaal lion
  • Barbary lion
  • East African lion
  • Asiatic lion
  • West African lion
  • Endangered lions
  • Black lion
  • Eurasian cave lion
  • Primitive cave lion
  • American lion

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