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Kangaroo is an animal which is possible for many people to see them in the zoo unless they do not live in Australia. Australia is the homeland of these animals and it is possible to find millions of these animals all around the country. Since these animals are originated in Australia, they are one of the symbols of the country as well. They have four breasts and their name is given by Captain James Cook.

The word used to define these animals means I don’t understand you in the local language of the Australia. The main feature of these animals is jumping. They prefer to jump rather than walk in order to travel which can save a lot more energy for themselves. Despite Australia is located in the middle of the ocean, it has some huge desserts that make the access to water a little bit challenging situation. This is why you have to save your energy in order to live in the worse conditions.

That was what these animals did in order to keep living by jumping rather than walking in order to save more energy and minimize their water consumption. It is known that they can jump and travel more than 9 meters at their full speed which makes it easy for them to run away from predators. The male ones never stop growing which makes the adults quite dangerous. These animals look very cute and adored by many people from all around the world, however, keep in mind that you have to be very careful while getting closer to any kangaroo.

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