Illuminati PNG Images – A Secret Organization

Illuminati is one of the secret organizations which has power on almost everything from politics to music, industry to international affairs. However, there is something different in this organization which is known the be one of the oldest organizations of the mankind. Although there are many rumors about the activities of this organization, there is no proof that they actually exist.

This may have two reasons, the first one is people may believe in an organization which does not exist. Or the highly possible one, i.e., the second one is they are very good at what they do and we can’t even find a clue about who are they or what they are. One of the most known symbols of this organization is the pyramid which has an eye on the top of it. The pyramid represents the history of this organization which dates back to the ancient Egypt that lived about 4.000 years ago. The eye means that the organization has a hand in everywhere and they see everything.

The weird thing is, you can find this symbol on the American dollars as well as in many other important brands. In case, this organization is real, then it is possible for us to measure their power by just looking at the American dollar. The United States is probably the most powerful country in today’s conditions and this organization which is known by the name of Illuminati can easily press their own symbol on the currency of this superior country.

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