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The hexagon is a six-sided polygon that is a common figure in geometry. The total of all the internal angles in a hexagon is 720 degrees. A regular hexagon is equilateral and equiangular as well.

The characteristics of a hexagon

The hexagon is a six-sided polygon with a flat shape and straight sides. A regular hexagon is one where all the sides are equilateral and equal to each other. An irregular hexagon has six sides, which are not equal to each other. Apart from that, there are concave hexagons and concave hexagons. When the internal organ is greater than 180 degrees, then it is known as a concave. A regular hexagon is known to have interior angles of 120 degrees. Exterior angles of 60 degrees

The properties of a hexagon

. The area is approximately, 1.5 square root or approximately 2.5980762 x s square where S is the length. Like squares and equilateral triangle, regular hexagons fit together without any gaps to tile the plane and they are really useful in forming constellations. The cells of a beehive are also hexagonal in shape and thus the shape is very effective for forming space and building materials. A regular hexagon can be extended into a regular do-decagon by adding alternate squares and equilateral triangles. Irregular hexagons with parallel opposite edges are called parallelogram and can also tile the plane by translation. In three dimensions prisms with opposite faces are called Parellelohedrons.

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