Hercules PNG Images – Who Is Hercules?

Download free Hercules PNG Images. Hercules is a hero which is known to be very powerful and mentioned a lot in Greek mythology. However, the Ancient Romans have many contributions in order to let the world know this fictional character. Many languages include idioms such as being powerful as him. According to the legend, his father is the king of the Gods, Zeus and his mother was a princess who was known as Alkmene.

The wife of Zeus, Hera got mad when she learned that her husband has a child from a princess and became the enemy of him. She did her best in order to kill him. Although Hera put two poisonous snakes into his bed when he was a baby in order to kill him however he managed to hold these snakes and throw them out with his little hands. When he grew up, he married to Megara who was the daughter of Thebes King, Creon. Hera never gave up from the hate she felt for him.

She made him crazy in one day. He killed his wife and children by burning them and he began to feel guilt when he turned into a normal state of mind. This was the brief history of the legend and it is possible to find out the adventures he went after the loss of his family. Stories of this hero written in many different languages today, and it is possible to find most of the Hercules stories on the internet as well which each of them is told in details.

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