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A Grape is a juicy fruit that looks like a berry. It grows in the deciduous woody vines of the flowering plant genus Vitis. Grapes can be eaten in a number of ways. They can be eaten as a raw fruit as well as juice form.

Different products made with grapes

Grapes are fermented and made into expensive wine, they are out into cakes, puddings and custards, and they can also be a part of a fresh fruit salad. Grapes can also be used to make jams and jellies, dried into raisins or made into grape seed oil. They grow in clusters, usually in a temperate climate and they are available in various colors like green, black, purple, maroon, yellow, pink and white as well.

The best way to quench your thirst for a juicy fruit

Commercially cultivated grapes are divided into table grapes of wine grapes and can be eaten raw. Some grapes have seeds while some grapes don’t. They have a thin skin.

Different products of grapes

In Europe and North America, dried grapes are known as raisins the grapes can also be made into black current or the Sultana grapes that are found in Turkey. Crushing and blending the grapes into a liquid form obtain grape juice. There are various health benefits of grapes. Grapes are rich in iron, fiber and potassium and are known as a super food that can help reduce cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure and inflammation. It also helps in reducing constipation. Last but not the least, they are tasty, sweet and juice as well.

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