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“Game of Thrones” brings back memories of an US fantasy drama TV show whose creators are D. B. Weiss and David Benioff. It is a version of the series named “Song of Ice and Fire.” It’s filming had been done at Titanic Studios of Belfast, on spot in UK, and also in Croatia, Canada, Malta, Iceland, Spain, Morocco, and USA.

The premiere of this series was on HBO in USA on the 17th of April of 2011 with its sixth season ending on the 26th of June of 2016. It has been renewed for another season, planned to premiere on the 16th Of July of 2017, with its concluding season scheduled for 2018.

“Game of Thrones” is more or less founded on the plot of “Song of Ice and Fire” with the setting being the imagined seven empires of Westeros as well as the Essos continent. This series accounts the vicious dynastic conflicts amongst the dominion’s gracious families meant for Iron Throne, even as additional families stand up for autonomy from it. It commences with added hazards in the freezing North and eastern Essos.

David Benioff, the Show runner, lightheartedly proposed Sopranos of Middle-earth” as the tagline for this series, mostly due to its intrigue-packed plot as well as dark mood in a fancy backdrop of dragons and magic.

This series is normally commended for what’s professed as a class of medieval practicality. George R.R. Martin embarked in making the narrative feel more akin to historical imaginary tale compared to present-day fantasy, without as much if an accent on sorcery and magic and additional on encounters, political plot, as well as the personalities, considering that magic ought to be made use of in moderation in the blockbuster fantasy type. Benioff is of the opinion that George fetched a measure of insensitive pragmatism to high fancy. He brought in grayish shades into a monochrome universe.

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