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A fox is a small or a medium sized mammal that belongs to the Canidae generation. They are smaller than an Alsatian dog and are known to be very sly and cunning as well. They have a flattened skull, triangular ears that are very sharp and a pointed nose.

The physiology of Fox

A fox is generally the smallest animals of the Canidae family. Their fur differs in color and density as well. Foxes are found all over the globe, but according to the different climate and surroundings, the color of their fur also differs from one another. Arctic foxes that live in the cold climate have thick fur and a bushy tail while foxes that live in the desert have no fur on their body. The color of the coat may also change depending on the age.

The behavior of a fox

A fox’s lifespan can usually range from 1 to 3 years they usually live in large packs or groups, but Arctic foxes are known to be solitary in nature. Foxes are omnivores and their diet is generally made up of insects, eggs, and various kinds of plants, reptiles, birds, as well as crabs and fish. They consume around 1 kg food every day. Foxes can also climb trees.

Relationship with humans

Foxes are usually considered to be a nuisance when it comes to dealing with humans. They are known to attack poultry as well as small ducks and livestock as well. Many foxes are also known to adapt to the environment well. Fox hunting is also considered to be a recreation in several countries like Canada, Italy, and France, United Sates, Ireland and more. They are also sometimes known to attack humans.

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