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Do you feel lonely all the time? This must be making you depressed. You need to change yourself. Mingle with others.

Do you feel bad walking alone on the street where you find others having someone whom they can talk and chat while walking? It is really bad and sad to be left alone in a group activity in your class and nobody comes to approach you to be his or her partner.

Don’t become a patient of depression

Do you feel alone on couch while your family relatives are having fun talking, chatting, eating and drinking on a family gathering? This is a dangerous health problem, which you have to solve out as early as possible because it can lead you in some serious health problems like depression. Staying forever alone should not be made a habit.

Are you low in self-confidence?

Do you think that you are loosing your self -esteem, self-authority and self-confidence day by day? Low self-esteem as well as confidence will drag you down that will lead you to loneliness. People who love you and want to be with you surround you. It totally depends on you what you want to choose in your life. If you want to have friends around you to chat and have fun then you have to change yourself at first.

To overcome from the loneliness, you have to join or show others that you are interested to talk with them. Stop ignoring your friends, family members and others. So, whenever you feel alone and want to talk with someone, go ahead and make friends.

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