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A fishing pole or a fishing rod is a long and flexible rod that can be used to catch fish. It is attached to a line that ends in a hook. The usual length of the rod can vary between 2 and 20 feet. They are used to lure fish to the bait.

What are fishing poles made up of?

There are various kinds of fishing poles. Traditional fishing poles are made up of bamboo while the contemporary rods are made up of fiberglass or carbon fiber. They are used for commercial fishing as well as recreational fishing and competitive fishing. Fishing poles are available in various sizes, shapes, lengths and configurations. The different kinds of fishing poles are designed differently for specific types of fishing. There are various kinds of specifications of different fishing rods.

The main functions of a fishing pole

Ultra-light rods are suitable for catching small baitfish and also Ultra-Heavy rods are used in deep-sea fishing, surf fishing, or for heavy fish by weight. A fishing poles main use is to bend as well as deliver certain resistance and power. The rod usually acts as a catapult and helps to lure a fish towards the bait. Once the fish eats the bait, the string captures the fish and the pole pulls it back into captivity. Nowadays, there are various kinds of fishing poles that comprise of automatic as well as manual systems. There are various kinds of fishing rods that are available in the market as well as online stores.

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