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The fingerprint is one of the unique identities of any person since they are totally different in any people. Today, law enforcement identify and catch the criminals with the help of these unique signs on your fingers. Any area you will touch with your fingers will leave the print of the patterns on your finger which makes them possible to be found out. This is the main reason why some of the professional murderers on the movies always prefer to wear gloves or they clean the areas they touch with the help of a piece of cloth.

In this way, you will prevent your traces to be left on the surfaces, thus, police officers will not be able to identify you with these. There are some serial killers in the history which burned the tips of their fingers in order to not leave any trace behind after the crime. This situation has gone so far that, one of the criminals bitten and eaten all of his fingers in order to not be identified and released.

Police officers also store any of these traces in their databank in order to have a library where they can find any person in case they have these traces in their hands. Every year millions of criminals are identified with this method which offers 99.9% accuracy in finding the person but keep in mind that, they should get your patterns and store them in their databanks. Fingertips are unique traces of ourselves and it is not possible to change them later.

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