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Fashion is one of the terms which began to appear when countries began to perform trades within each other. Many people believe that this industry was born in order to help people to look better and define some standards in terms of the clothing however the fact is quite different and interesting. Industry leaders have to use fabrics in order to manufacture clothing and have you ever wonder what they do with the excessive fabric?

For instance, let’s assume that most of the giant manufacturers have too many red fabrics in their warehouses. These giants decide on manufacturing clothes with these red fabrics. Prior to their manufacturing, they start promoting the red fabrics and clothes made up with these. In this way, the next season’s color will be red and these manufacturers can use the excessive fabrics in their warehouses without the need of buying any new fabric as well as opening space for the new fabrics. However, of course, there are also designers who design various clothing for people from all ages.

It is good that, there are some independent designers who are not affected by this trend, however, the media don’t allow them to be well-known. The industry is in the hands of few giant manufacturers, and people obey to their wills without even realizing something bigger going on in the background of this industry. This is why usually wise people do not advise other people to follow the trends such as fashion trends which are created by superior powers in the industry.

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