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Download free emoji transparent PNG images & emojis. Transparent emoji clipart PNG images have transparent background.

Emoji is a term which began to be used in the last decade for the symbols that are represented with a round and yellow face. People use these symbols in order to show their feelings better. It is possible to use these instead of the words while you are typing messages. They were invented for the smart devices’ texting applications however they have been adopted by different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in recent days, which brought them to the computer environment as well.

They are mainly used by the new generations and today, a text message which does not include any of these are considered as too formal. They are the creative communication tools which have hundreds of different forms in order to express various feelings and thoughts. According to the studies conducted, the use of these symbols are becoming more common among the society and some of the brands take the advantage of these as a marketing campaign.

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There are no certain meaning on the symbols and they vary according to the personal choices of people. The smiling face is the most common and well-known symbol among these and all you have to do is choose the smiley you want in order to include them into your text messages. We guess Whatsapp was the main contributor in terms of the development of these symbols which still has the most variety. The emojicon concept makes our world more and texting more fun with their funny looks and purposes.

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