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Elf is one of the races which is told in many novels and they are all fictional. They look very similar to mankind in appearance apart from their very long ears. The original race was created by J.R.R. Tolkien and then he decided to create more species from this race. Today, it is known that they are classified in line with the environment they choose to live. For instance, some of the loves to be active during the night while some of them love to live in woods and do not go out of there apart from the war.

Elf, A Sacred and Immortal Race

Their creator was a linguist which developed a language system that is known as the language of these creatures. There are more than millions of people from all around the world who know this language that is created for a fictional race and they use the language as a communication tool. It is possible to find many novels which include these types of fictional races however in the event that you would like to read something top class, then it will be better for you to check the novels of Tolkien.

In addition to these people usually, confuse the helpers of Santa Claus with this race. However, it will be worth to note that, the race which is with Santa Claus in gnome. They are not related to this race despite people use the same term for both of them. An elf is of the same length with a human and they have no connection with gnomes.

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