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The ear is the organ which can help us in our communication and it allows us to gather the voices around us. It consists of a series of canals, dice, ossicles and liquids which are arranged with a delicate arrangement. It is not possible for us to hear without this organ and those who are deaf have some kind of problems in any part of this organ. We should pay a great attention for the protection of this organ because in the event that there will be any deterioration or damage on the dice, it may not be possible for us to hear again.

The medicine industry is still unable to find a cure for any problem which may cause to lose of hearing but there are some significant advancements in recent years which can enhance the hearing ability of our organ. Although it is a very important organ, it is also a great place for tiny bugs to hide due to its shape.

One of the most common problems that people experience is about the spiders. Small spiders go in our these organs since they have a small entrance and dark all the time. In the event that you are suspicious about such an event, all you have to do is slide your head to your side and pour some liquid in it in order to bring the spider out. Since the recovery of some of the parts of your ear is not possible, you must pay a great attention to keep it safe.

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