Drake PNG Photos – The Rapper or the Wannabe?

Drake is one of the Canadian singers who is very popular in around the world. He is a successful R&B singer, however, he usually calls himself a rapper which pisses many of the rappers in the industry. In the event that you have listened to any of his songs, you can see that he usually writes about love which is one of the main topics of the rap music, however, the style he adopts in his songs is much more like singing rather than rapping.

He had some beef with some of the famous rappers such as Eminem and the Game which lead him to be dissed by these rappers whose pen is quite strong and stronger than him. These disses hurt his reputation a lot in all around the world and the beef lead him to lose many of his fan bases. According to the media, he is trying his best in order to stay in front of the eyes of his fans however his career began to go into a decline and it seems like it is not possible for him to stop this.

The Canadian singer still has millions of fans in his hometown but this is not enough for an artist who lives in the United States where the country is his main market as well. In the event that you have not listened to him yet, we highly advise you to do so since Drake is one of the artists which mainly writes about love as we mentioned before.

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