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Dragon is one of the legendary animals which take place in many tales as well as fictions. Chinese people are the only community which still believes in these animals however all of them are aware that they have never existed. These animals are just the part of their tradition and they like to promote their culture with this.

They look like the current reptiles in our world, however, the only difference is they have wings which allow them to fly as well as they burst fire through their mouth. They are quite dangerous animals and although some of the tales promote them as cute beings, they are bloodthirsty, angry animals which bring death to the villages in most of the tales. In addition to these, you can see many people who preferred this legendary animal as a tattoo on their bodies. Some of the martial arts also chose them as a symbol. Today some entertainment industries such as the movie and TV industry take the advantage of these magnificent animals in order to attract more attention and earn more money.

There is a character in Game of Thrones TV Series which is known as the mother of these animals and have three of them. Only three of them are enough for her to fight against the rest of the world and destroy thousands of soldier with a single attack. We know that you wish, they would be real, however, it seems like mankind and dragon families were not able to leave together in peace and definitely we would be the side who was going to lose the battle.

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Types of Dragon

  • Aegis Dragon
  • Aeria Gloris Dragon
  • Albino Dragon
  • Almerald Dragon
  • Amalthean Dragon
  • Amarignis Dragon
  • Anagallis Dragon
  • Antarean Dragon
  • Pillow Dragon
  • Pitfire Dragon
  • Pyralspite Dragon
  • Ridgewing Dragon
  • Royal Crimson Dragon
  • Sandwaste Dragon
  • Sapo Dragon
  • Setsong Dragon

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