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Avengers is one of the comics which is quite similar to famous comics X-Men. The team consists of several superheroes where Thor, Giant Man, Iron Man and Captain America takes place. It is known that this team is better and much more powerful than X-Men however they decided to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the world. Tony Stark, i.e., Iron Man was the pioneer in creating this team and in addition to their superpowers they rely on the technology as well.

It is possible to find and buy the comics of this team, however, there are special movies filmed with their concept in recent years which broke many box office gross records in all around the world. It is not that much as fantastic as the X-Men, however, there are still millions of fans of this team. First, all of, this team has two gods which are Thor and his brother Odin. In addition to the main names of the team, there is also Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury (as the official leader), Hawkeye, War Machine, the Incredible Hulk, and agent Phil Coulson on the team.

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