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If you are a great foodie who is in love with tortilla chips, then the Doritos cheese flavored tortilla chips is the best food for you to munch around. Read on to know more about Doritos Tortilla chips.

The history of Doritos

Doritos is a brand of cheese flavored Tortilla chips that has been produced by American Food Company in 1964.It is a subsidiary of Pepsico Co. The original product was made at Casa de Fritos at Disneyland in California in the early 1960s.Doritos was released all throughout the nation in 1966. And this was the first Tortilla chip to be launched nationally in the United States. Tortilla is a Mexican Chips that is now famous all over the world.

The ingredients of Doritos

The plan Tortilla chips is made of ground corn, vegetable oil, and salt. There are other ingredients as well that vary from nation to nation. Dorito does not use Pork as its ingredients. Nacho Cheese Doritos are made up of whole corn, vegetable oil, salt, cheddar cheese, salt, cheddar cheese, corn flavors, artificial flavors and colors, citric acid, sugar, garlic and salt.
Doritos are sold all over the world in many different flavors. The toasted corn, which was the first flavor proved to be very successful and this flavor was neither too bland nor too spicy. Other flavors that were sold nationwide was taco-flavored Doritos, Sour Cream and Onion flavored Doritos, Sesame seed flavored chip, Cool Ranch Doritos. In 2004 Doritos launched a new tortilla called the Rollitos that was a tube shaped like a regular triangle that was rolled up. It was one of the most tasty nachos that was loved by people all throughout the world.

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