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Crab is the animal which can live both in soil and water but mainly prefers to stay in the water in order to be protected by the predators in the sea. They usually choose rocky places to live and hunt. They lay eggs in order to reproduce however since they have been living in the earth more than millions of years, they developed a great method in order to increase the chance of the survival of their newborn babies.

They keep the eggs within their body which can be opened when the eggs cracked. This storage place is placed on their body, between their legs. It is possible to find out how many eggs one of these animals have when you catch them. Just turn the animal upside down and open the area where the eggs are stored gently. You should be careful to not harm the animal and when you will open that area, you will see hundreds and even maybe thousands of eggs. In addition to this feature, they well know with their claw.

One of these claws is usually larger than the other one. The biggest claw is being used in order to catch the preys of these animals. We often consume their meat as well, however, keep in mind that a person must consume at least ten or more of these animals in order to feel full and they are quite expensive to taste. Still, in case you have never tasted the crab meat, you should definitely give a try.

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