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A cookie is one of the most delicious sweet savories that are small, sweet and flat. It is baked with the help of flour, sugar, and a little oil or butter. There are various kinds, shapes, sizes and flavors of cookies that sweet lovers can choose from.

A great product for people with sweet tooth, Enjoy the Crunch

Cookies are one of the crunchiest and delicious sweet products that can be had at any time of the day. They are made of flour, sugar and butter in the conventional baking method. Nowadays, cookies are also being made of whole wheat, Oats and Ragis. You can choose from a wide assortment of cookies, which are made of different flavors like fruit and nut, chocolate, raisins, peanut butter and chocolate chips. Cookies are usually produced in mass amounts in bakeries, or can also be made at home if you have an oven. This crunchy dish is served with tea, coffee, milk, and can also be munched in your past time when you are a little hungry.

Where are cookies available?

Cookies are available in any grocery store as well as bakeries. Fresh baked cookies are available from bakeries as well as cookie vending machines. They are known by many kinds of names like biscuits, Koekie, Cooky and more. They are baked until they are crisp and crunchy with a variety of ingredients. As far as nutritional value is concerned, the cookies made from Oats and Ragi is nutritious and contains fiber. The cookies made of flour are less nutritious in comparison.

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